In this harsh world in which the deeper majicks of life and the cosmos are overlooked and shunned, it is to my great pride that I stand alone, a proud mystic and intellectual, I remember many previous lives in vivid detail. The first life that I can recall through the depths of my superhuman mind is a beautiful one, though unorthodox. I began my life appropriately as a beautiful blossom at the crest of a shimmering apple tree in the front courtyard of Buckingham palace, and enjoyed a half season as majestically scintillating bloom, a creamy white fragment of heaven waving daintily in the cool maritime breeze of Wales. These happy times did not last forever though, it became time for me to flourish and fulfill my purpose as an apple tree ovary, to do my duty and provide the next step in the succession of my fruitions arboreal legacy. One day a friendly bee came to visit me, his legs encrusted with the love nectar of my brethren, he came bearing gifts, and in exchange for a sip of my sweet honeysuckle he delivered the powdery means from which my children would spring up. My midsection swelled with the increasing fertility of my botanical loins, and I could see a new sort of beauty coming over me. I polymorphed in body and in soul, losing my foolish childlike vanity and fragility, and becoming a beautiful orb full of fertility, and wizened parental instinct. As my body became more rounded, so did my demeanor. I no longer looked outwardly to assure myself that I was the most beautiful blossom of the tree; the star of creation, but inwardly to assure that up from my core would spring whole trees of majestic lineage to carry on my saga of glamour and fertility. Within me I could feel a new presence, the ever growing soul and infinitesimally small bodies of my successors, the heirs to my throne of superior looks and timeless family continuity, the guarantee that nothing, not even the destruction of civilization and the crashing down to terrestrial substrate of the heavenly orbs would break the prestigious lineage to which I was the loving, prideful, and earthly matriarch. No, I knew in my heart that nothing could stop the young squires to the court of natural superiority from sprouting to the greatness all ready growing within them. My link in the chain of evolution would hold fast for generations to come.

The next chapter in the natural ballet of my life as an apple

I had watched the heavenly and earthly metamorphosis of my heart, soul and body over the months that followed the coming of the bee and the shedding of my childish petals, my body becoming a firm green orb, and them a large, lush globe of crimson and jade hues, a beacon to the purity and perfection that lay in the vast tracts of deoxyribonucleic acid coiled majestically around the sloping arms of my chromosomes, the seal and sign of my royal ancestry, the perfected recipe for life handed down to me, the chosen vessel to bear the divine offspring, by my predecessors. I sensed the time of action approaching, when I must cut the chains of security, the umbilical cord that still protected me but held back my potential, and plummet to the earth, falling so that I might lay the foundation for generations to come, descending to terra firma where I might throw down the roots from which my new palace might spring, rising higher than I ever could have reached had I stayed in the womb and prison that was the tree of my former abode. When I sensed that the time was upon me to break free the vine of the past, and launch myself, laden with the promise of generations to come, into the future and the glory it held for me.

The fateful endgame of nature

I gathered myself up in my glory and broke free my bonds to the tree of the past life and hurtled earthbound to pursue my destiny, enjoying a moment of flight, and then being embraced by the earth that would cradle my offspring and their offspring in turn. I waited patiently in my new home for some days, wondering all the while when I would begin the next leg of the voyage toward my fate, when an unexpected turn in the opera of life led to my end in the process of spreading my children, the fruits of my arboreal loins, to the four points of the compass rose. My lush and nectar laden body, the hull of my former dreams, was obliterated within the maw of a lowly ground creature, a tool and messenger to deliver my seeds to their new homes. Here, my life ended, my duty as an apple tree ovary, womb, and divine carrier of glory to come was fulfilled, and I proceeded, chin up and facing forward to my next life, squaring my shoulders to the tasks to come.

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