This can also be used in a quest for affirmation, in a situation where one is mostly sure of the rightness of one's analysis (or sussing) of an idea, but there is a lingering doubt, perhaps (perhaps a dingleberry of skepticism dangling over the toilet of ultimate self-assurance or some such), a momentary hesitation before the acceptance of one's own conclusion in which self-doubt flickers, and so a second opinion is sought. The person asked tends to be a definitive authority, who will confirm or dismiss your statement with litmus surity YES or NO. It appears at the end of a sentence such as:
They aren't going to come back and we're going to be stranded here alone without tv until we die, huh?

The above sense of huh? may also be affected in a coy attempt to feign eyes-wide innocence (different from fuck-me eyes). Or at least so is how I used it in an aside about Sierra Sid's.

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