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The Everything2 Podcast, so ably created and nurtured by Heisenberg, has once more stuttered to life. It has a semi-familiar location. Here's how to get hold of it now!

RSS Feed Reader: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/feed.xml

iTunes Music Store: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=301996610 - or by searching iTMS for "E2 Podcast."

Via E2, you insensitive clod! ...sorry, sorry, of course. See the bottom of this writeup for the current 'cast.

More news: Although there isn't anything to report at this very moment, be assured that various crack E2 coders are working to implement a better way (read: more integrated with E2) of dealing with audio files. Once the fruits of their labors are available for public consumption, hopefully this node can go away in favor of such an official solution. For the nonce, however, yer stuck with me.

In addition to the podcasts described so ably below (whose direct download locations should still work) we offer the following for your delectation.

E2 Podcast Season 5, Episode 2 (April 3, 2010)

Hosted by the heavily-armed Junkill

Direct download: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/e2podcast5-2.mp3

E2 Podcast Season 5, Episode 1 (November 7, 2009)

Ten years of lesbians, monkeys, and soy!

Direct download: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/e2podcast5-1.mp3

E2 Podcast Season 4, Episode 3 (October 22, 2009)

The third episode in the so-what-if-it's-incorrectly-named 'season 4' of the E2 podcasts.

Direct download: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/e2podcast4-3.mp3

E2 Podcast Season 4, Episode 2 (January 10, 2009)

The second episode in the probably-incorrectly-named 'season 4' of the E2 podcasts.

Direct download: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/e2podcast4-2.mp3

E2 Podcast Season 4, Episode 1 (October 31, 2008)

The 2008 Hallowe'en Podcast, hosted by Junkill.

Direct download: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/e2podcast4-1.mp3

The Everything2 Podcast was an expriment lasting 2 years that attempted to convert the vast and beautiful collection of outstanding poetry and prose into a different medium that ultimately failed due to the inertia of the userbase.

Below are the original introduction into the project and all podcasts to download and enjoy.


Taking nodes into a new medium...

Good day all,

today sees the release (or upload to its server) of the first Everything2 Podcast. Planned as a more or less loose collection of readings of good (and not so good) nodes, this is the first test version, and I already have a good idea what can be improved, but more about that later.

Why a podcast, I hear Dannye yell? Isn't it enough that we can read all the drivel that's being produced on this site? Do we now have to listen to it?

Well, of course, you don't have to. Nevertheless it is interesting how a node transforms within a new medium, without softlinks, insulting softlinks, pipelinks, hardlinks and the catbox next to it. Sometimes it can actually transcend its original meaning and become a different entity all together. On the downside, you'll have to live with the weird Germano-kiwi accent of the host (me). On the other hand, you can listen to some noder love in the car or at home, and if this thing works out, why not have interviews with noders or even (gasp) gods or (wheee) Amnesiac?.

A crucial part of the podcast will be your input: If you have a particular node that you love (be it by yourself or by somebody else), why not record it? I am happy to broadcast all of your contributions, as long as the recording quality is good enough and they match the criteria stated here.

So far I am planning to release one podcast every other week on tuesday morning New Zealand time (as this is my day off). Hope that's convenient. All submissions should be in by then, otherwise they will be podcasted at a later date.

It could be the missing link that we've been, er, missing and could increase the, uh, jellyness of the nodegel. So, download them now and enjoy. RSS feeds are up again soon.

The Everything2 Podcast, Season 3, Episode 2.

The final.


Download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2Podcast32.mp3

The Everything2 Podcast, Episode 1, Season 3.

Downloads at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast31.mp3. RSS feeds are broken at the moment but will be reinstated soon.

December 23, 2007

The Everything2 Podcast, Season 2, Episode 12.

With extra jingling and messages of peace and love by Jack and Dann.


are a surprise.

Download now at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast212.mp3.

Itunes users get it automatically in their stockings.

Happy Holidays,


The Everything2 Podcast, Season 2, Episode 11

Dedicated to The Debutante, who had to do this six times for me (and my hardware, and my software) to finally get my act together.


These things just get better and better. Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2Podcast211.mp3. Itunes subscriber will get it automatically.


The Everything2 Podcast Episode 10, Season 2

This podcast could be called excellent and ecclectic. I call it 'fecking brillant'.


Available from http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast210.mp3. Itunes or Gpodder subscribers will get it with the next update.

Good one, this one.


September 3, 2007

Recorded live during the second quadrennial Cologne Nodermeet, containing adult content. Unfortunately, contrary to Dimview's statement, there is quite a bit of background noise on the recording. Must be her.


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast29.mp3, itunes users will get it via magic.

August 6, 2007

The Everything2 Podcast, Episode 8, Season 2


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast28.mp3, itunes users will get it via magic.


July 16, 2007

The Everything2 Podcast, Episode 7, Season 2

It's a good one, kids.


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast27.mp3. Itunes users should get it automatically.

June 24, 2007

The Everything2 Podcast Episode 6, Season 2.

The 'I can't get no satisfaction if you don't bloody contribute' issue.


As a bonus there's the Ninjagirls theme tune and some real italo disco.

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod26.mp3

May 10, 2007

The Everything2 Podcast, Season 2, Episode 5.


Itunes subscribers will get it automatically, direct download is from http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast25.mp3

April 28, 2007


Available via itunes or direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod42.mp3

April 3, 2007


This conglomeration of the mining industry, E2 and a warped brain is brought to you by itunes or direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod32.mp3




Season 2 Episode 2


Available as usual via itunes and via direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2podcast22.mp3

It's back.

8.3.2007 The Everything2 Podcast Season 2, Episode 1


Available as usual via itunes and via direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod21.mp3

Thanks to panamaus for his stellar contribution and garlic consumption.

The first season of the E2 Podcast is now finished. The second season will start after 3 months break with new features, new nodes and the same old Heisenberg. In the future I might record the podcast nude.

Podcast Nr 12, 21.12.06


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod13.mp3

Podcast Nr 11, 6.12.06


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/podcast12.mp3

Podcast Nr 10, 21.11.06.


Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod11.mp3

Podcast Nr. 9, 7.11.06. Nodes

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod10.mp3

Podcast Nr 8., 25.10.06. Nodes:

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod9.mp3

Podcast Nr 7., 21.10.06. Nodes

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod8.mp3

Podcast Nr 6. 13.10.06. Nodes:

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod7.mp3

Podcast Nr 5. 26.9.2006. Nodes:

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2podcast6.mp3

Podcast Nr 4. 21.9.06. Nodes

Direct download link is: http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod5.mp3

Podcast 3. 12.9.06. Nodes

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod4.mp3

Podcast 2. 29.8.06. Nodes

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod3.mp3

Podcast 1. 15.8.06. Nodes:

Direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/casts/old/e2pod2.mp3

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