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I can see by your cat that you are a cowboy.
Alternate caption by gnarl: Training for his bowling career was difficult in Jet-Poop's youth.


"The end of self-doubt is the beginning of hubris."


/me misses sensei
/me misses Hermetic
/me misses grundoon
/me misses dannye
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I've been here a long, long time and can answer many of your questions. Please feel free to ask.

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I am the wielder of the Knapsack of Destruction. It is my voice that speaks for the Incredible Hulk and the Forty-ton Tentacled Turtle-Bat. I am the summoner of Mighty HOROGODOR, Horrific Pink Pony of the Apocalypse. I live in a tower on the moon. My team is Team Jet-Poop.

I've written some stuff I think is pretty neat:
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iceowl says: "Nipsy Russell in a shopping mall with a winnebago... goddam. I'm still laughing. You deserve a fucking pulitzer prize for that one. Where the hell is the Nobel committee? Gimme a ph. I gotta call Sweden, tell 'um you da man."


wertperch says: "...It isn't often that a piece of writing really spooks me. You managed it. I shall probably have nightmares tonight! ... *shudder* Never write anything else like this again. Ever."

Focus says: "I was serious about all that negative XP making me hot..."

ideath says: "badass and totally right. who do you think you are, speaking truth so much?"

RainnStarr says: "...even when I don't feel well, you can always make me smile..."

Big Alba says: "WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE POINT IN THIS CRAP? It is not factual, it does not provide any information, AND ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. I would request for a nuke, but I know I would not get it heeded, so I just say this: I spit on your node, it is a blight on E2."

Habakkuk says: "Jet-Poop: A modern day Johnny Appleseed only stickier and with more court appearances."

Roninspoon says: "Jet-Poop is the kinda guy that takes and creates an entire imaginary world around it, complete with buildings, individuals and personalities. Occasionally, he shares them with us."

allseeingeye says: "also, i gotta say, the photo on your homenode looks exactly like the Spy vs. Spy guys from MAD without the hat."

Vice_hkpnx says: "I finished reading ((Writeup X)) and glanced over to see my dishes were magically washed. I kid you not, it was that good."

TheDeadGuy says: "You are indeed mad, and so are we all, here, have a blanket for the coming storm. May it serve you well."

WolfDaddy says: "Oh, gramps, I just love it when I get to sit at your knees and you tell me stories about the olden days. Would you close your robe, please?"

Crux says: "Mr. Poop, you're dirty."

XWiz says: "Much to the disturbance of the people at the bank opposite my window I have just thrown my arms in the air and shouted 'Jet-Poop, you are a babe!' with bizarre intonation. ."

Roninspoon says: "Jet-Poop is a seeping flesh wrap of decomposing fish innards. Also, I suspect he may secretly be a Republican."

allseeingeye says: "I dub thee JIMMY, PRINCE OF LIES!"

Lucy-S says: "Have I told you lately that you rock?"


mauler says: "I thought you might like to know that your writeup in defense of space exploration has just been awarded 'mauler's coveted Best of EverythingTM Awards!'"

kthejoker says: "So when is your book on postmodern horror criticism going to be available?"

radlab0 says: "You know, even if it turned out that you were sixteen obese midget mimes in clown costumes, there would still be something kinda hot about you. I just wanted you to know that."

Kurin says: "I bet you were wondering why I asked you that about noded poetry. It was because I had you confused with dem bones. I don't know if I should apologize, but I will. hahaha, sorry."

Jallak says: "It could not be with more pride that I report that when BOCC was shown at the Titular Head Film Festival tonight, all of the dialogue was completely inaudible over the booing and heckling. My only regret is that, unlike the movie before it, nobody hurled a chair at the screen."

Bitriot says: "Jesus fuck, man. Oh my God. If you weren't some dude over in Texas I'd profess fucking love right now."

Major General Panic says: "re The Incredible Hulk: What are you smoking, and where can I get some?"

Chras4 says: "HAHAHAHA, you are the jalepeno in the nachos of e2."

WolfDaddy says: "JESUS CHRIST YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! You also have the most mellifluous radio voice I've ever heard. How you can have other is quite beyond me, as mellifluously scaring the shit out of someI'll never ever have."

darl says: "You just impelled some'I see what you mean' in the cbox. You win all the prizes."

Chras4 says: "There are nights I could just sit here with a bag o popcorn and just watch and laugh at the poopian antics, this is true."

Donginger says: "Jet-Poop: You are wang of love and joy."

wertperch says: "You are consistently humorous folk I knows anywhere on thar interwebs."

Kizor says: "I've been playing UFO: Aftermath lately. It's a competent, though unexceptional, strategy & squad combat hybrid. It has the option of renaming soldiers. You were with the Council of Earth ever since the remaining mankind emerged from their shelters. You took part in storming the UFO the Council used to acquire teleportation and become more than a regional warlord. You were field-testing the plasma rifle, the first workable human-alien tech hybrid, when several swarms of bioengineered insects skeletonized you. Artman2003 and Moosemanmoo caught less of the cloud and survived. Sorry about that."

Devon says: "Jesus Christ. You're still putting out shit that's either a) fucking insane, b) fucking brilliant, or c) fucking both."

Kizor says: "It may, in theory, interest you that the weapon your UFO: Aftermath counterpart died testing was adopted as the default weapon of his unit. It speeded the push for a military foothold in Tripoli and Casablanca, which in turn allowed for the deployment of effective countermeasures against the horrible carpet of alien flesh that had eawas about to hit the Mediterranean. Good show."


IWhoSawTheFace says: "I see that through some oversight on your part that you have not included me on your list of quotes that laud your name. Well here it is sir: 'Jet-Poop is Master of Time, Space, Religion, Power, and Women's Undergarments. Therefore, respect him!'"

Below, in no particular order, you will find some of my favorite writeups on E2. Learn. Enjoy.

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