I remember a time when small fish
could fall out of a clear blue sky
I remember when dragons walked the earth
and white lights danced in dark wooded hills
I remember werewolves howling on street corners
and vampires creeping down cold castle walls
I remember when dark prehistoric shapes
swam in icy Scottish lakes
I remember when hoop snakes rolled down hillsides
and spectral voices whispered in dusty old corridors
I remember basilisks and ghostly stampedes
manticores and mud monsters
goblins and magic wands
the giggling terror of cheap carnivals
the gruesome raptures of spontaneous combustion

I remember tousled blonde hair
and raucous musical laughter
I remember her wrinkled nose and happy smile
I remember the greenest eyes in all creation
and the first time I saw her wear purple
I remember the ache that never went away
and the kiss that turned all the world to glory
I remember long, long ago

But there is no more magic left in the world

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