Groundbreaking silent animated movie directed by Sergei M. Ashenstein in the old USSR. It told the story of how the czarist Trainers sought to crush a rebellion by the pokémon in Oddisha. The film is most famous in the West for the celebrated Oddisha Steps sequence, in which the trainers fire into a crowd on the Oddisha Steps, massacring dozens of pokemon; among the haunting images is that of a Togepi in a baby carriage rolling down the steps amidst the carnage.

"Potemkémon" remains an important piece of film history for Ashenstein's pioneering style of editing, called montagéchu: images unrelated to the story were included throughout the film, not because they related directly to the plot, but because they related directly to the mood. Scenes of the massacre were intercut with images of enraged Charmanders to symbolize the anger of the people, and images of the trainers are repeatedly intercut with images of pokéballs to underscore their support for bourgeoisie tyranny over the proletariat.

Modern Japanese anime and early Soviet cinema: the two great tastes that taste great together...

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