I just finished eating a Brie and Jam sandwich. I thought about how shocked the person at a sandwich shop was about a year ago when I asked for one. They had brie, they had jam, and yet they never thought of mixing them. Well, there are many such tastes, that seem strange and yet make perfect sense. My dad says it's because some of these tastes complement each other. I say he's a lunatic to eat his fruits in gravy, but I brought a short collection of tastes that (I think) go well together, and yet whenever anyone sees me eating such a food, they scrunch up their face, until they actually try it.

Bon appetit!

Noder additions:

mblase says 'I'm going to suggest peanut butter and mayonnaise for the list -- one's sweet, the other tangy, and it's not as nasty as you'd think. (Footprints later adds: in Holland, they have this combination as a sauce for chips (french fries). I personally love it, though I know many people who refuse to even try it. Suckers.)

randombit says 'Black beans and Hamburger. I don't suppose it sounds bad, exactly, but it doesn't sound a tenth as good as it actually is.'

sapphirecat says 'Marshmallows and Eggs. The marshmallows are best added at the very end of cooking, since they tend to boil away if heated. I originally discovered this combination by using them as insulation between the hot eggs and a cold plate.'

La petite mort says 'Brie and Cranberry Sauce as well. An exceptional combination is homemade jam and triple brie... heaven.'

bipolarbear says 'Strawberries and Black pepper. yum yum. :)'

kot13 says 'Grapes and Bleu cheese - sounds odd but tastes good together.'

Here are some tastes that, surprisingly, go well together that I have enjoyed on occasion. Although I don't get to eat any of these nearly as much as I want to, due to my constant dieting.
  • Roast Beef and Peanut Butter

    This is best done with the thin deli slices of roast beef added onto a peanut butter sandwich. Do not use any jelly, because jelly and roast beef do not mix.

  • Bread Omelettes

    These are simply delicious. Don't use any meat. Just use cheese, bread, and eggs. The bread should be broken up and added when the eggs are nearly done.

  • Peanut Butter and Cheese

    Try adding a single slice of cheese to a peanut butter sandwich, (no jelly). You don't really taste the cheese, but it keeps the peanut butter from getting stuck in your mouth.

  • Patty Melt with an Egg

    Add a single fried egg to a patty melt. It is really quite tasty.

  • Egg Pizza

    This one is harder to make, but well worth it. You will need a pizza pan that is the same size as the pizza, (but deeper). Put the pizza in. Beat 6 eggs until they are all liquid. Pour the eggs in the pizza pan once the pizza is almost done. (You have to watch this one. It is easy to burn the eggs).

  • Dorito Sandwich

    This is one of those culinary delights that is best enjoyed drunk, (but it really tastes good then). Simply put a bunch of Doritos on a piece of bread, then smush it down with another piece of bread for a quick and easy drunken snack.

Once you master all of these, then you might just be ready for the Holy Grail Sandwich.

Another Israeli specialty (and a favourite of mine) is peanut butter, chocolate spread and cottage cheese on big thick slices of white bread. Don't barf, it's lovely.

I had a grilled lamb, peanut and lime salad once which was surprisingly wonderful - the flavours seemed simply made to go together.

Fish fingers are well complemented by sweet and sour duck sauce, I also find.

When I was a kid, just about my favorite food in the world was as follows:

Toast a couple of slices of white bread and butter them. Spoon a layer of cottage cheese onto each. Spoon a layer of apple sauce on top of the cottage cheese. Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar onto the apple sauce. Put them under the broiler in your oven until the cottage cheese and apple sauce are warm. Eat.

Note: There's no way you're going to pick this up and eat it without causing a messy disaster. Use a knife and fork.

This one has an Australian touch:-

Breakfast Sausages spread with Vegemite.

Easy enough to make, simply take a hot sausage, and spread the Vegemite across the top. It's a little salty, but tastes awesome.

In addition, for an interesting change from a Sunday Morning Fried Breakfast, spread 2 slices of white bread with some Peanut butter (either smooth or crunchy, doesn't matter which) and then layer on a fried Middle Bacon Rasher.

Mmm, I can feel my arteries clogging already

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