I created this concept one very late night; it was definitely a recipe I had to experiment with. The very idea of using rather savory ingredients with sweet fresh ones was a bit of a mental hurdle to overcome.

As soon as you decide no universal rule applies to your mind and the idea's and dreams it can produce...

You Become Invincible.

Creating new recipes and concepts is my life and my passion; I would not want my mind to be anywhere else.

The great thing about this recipe is the sweetness of the ice-cream is balanced by the saltiness of the soy. However the basic principle of one part condensed milk to two parts cream is the universal measurement, feel free to try the same recipe with whatever flavor you like. Some ideas include:

·     Berry ice-cream

·     Banana ice-cream

·     Mint ice-cream

·     Toffee ice-cream

I will admit it's not a dish for everyone but if it is your "cup of tea" then you'll love it. This recipe does take a slight amount of skill but after a bit of practice you'll be smiling away.

Soy sauce ice cream


·     3 tablespoons light soy sauce

·     25g brown sugar

·     250ml condensed milk

·     500ml pouring cream



1.       Mix one part condensed milk to two parts cream. Whip together. This will incorporate air into the mixture making your ice-cream nice and fluffy. Be careful not to let the cream become too stiff, let’s say just before the soft peak stage.

2.       Slowly reduce 2 or 4 tablespoons of soy sauce and a little brown sugar. Be careful not to burn the soy as it reduces very quickly. Once thick allow to cool, add to cream and condensed milk mixture.

3.       Pour into mold and set in freezer for approximately 3 hours or longer.


Tempura peach slices


·     One slightly firm peach

·     Dry tempura flour/mix

·     Tempura batter



1.       Slice out one to two centimeters segments of the peach.

2.       Mix the tempura batter and using a skewer stick dust each peach slice in a bit of flour and dip into tempura batter.

3.       Deep fry slices till golden brown and crispy, place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.


Coconut foam


·     200ml coconut milk

·     10/15g gelatin powder



1.       Heat coconut milk till warm just before boiling point, sponge gelatin and add to coconut milk.

2.       Using a hand blender, create froth in the pot as it cools the froth will become more foamy.

3.       Skim the foam and place over hot tempura peach slices. The foam will slowly start to melt and mix in with all the warm juices from the peaches, mouth watering already!

Serve and do enjoy.




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