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A middle-grade graphic novel, written by Matthew Cody and illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani. The book was published by DC Comics in 2020. 

Our main character is Zatanna Zatara, a middle-school kid who lives in a big, grand house with her father, a struggling but enthusiastic -- and eerily talented -- stage magician. Zatanna has the usual school troubles, mainly focusing on peer pressures. Should she hang out with her geeky homeschooled friend, or should she hang out with her more popularity-obsessed pal? And how can she deal with all the bullies at school who target her 'cause she's a weird kid?

And then one night, everything goes weirder than normal. Zatanna gets home from school to find that her father has apparently been in some sort of fight. He goes out and leaves strict orders that Zatanna isn't to let his pet rabbit Pocus out of her sight. And then she finds a letter to her father from her mother -- who is supposed to be dead! Upset by this revelation, Zatanna sneaks out of the house to go to the big Halloween dance with the popular kids, toting Pocus along with her. 

And once she's at the dance, a creepy kid with blue skin steals Pocus' collar. 

And when she makes it back home, her dad has vanished, her home has turned into an Escher house, and it's been taken over by the evil Witch Queen, a blue-skinned woman with weird antlers. She holds the key medallion that was on Pocus' collar, which she says is the real key to the House of Secrets so she can control all the magic within. 

And it gets weirder, too. Pocus is able to talk. The house is full of strange supernatural hazards, as well as the Witch Queen's goblins. The blue-faced kid is the Witch Queen's son -- Klarion the Witch Boy! And Zatanna is able to cast spells by speaking backwards! But it's hard to think of the right words to say, and how to pronounce them in reverse, especially during a crisis.

Zatanna isn't entirely helpless. She is slowly learning how to work her magic, and she has Pocus to offer her advice. And when she meets up with Klarion again, it's possible he might be an ally -- if he can be trusted. And a strange paper sphinx challenges her to answer a riddle in exchange for a piece of the puzzle. But there are more challenges ahead -- crafty nightmares, betrayals, the Witch Queen herself, and the Black Door that leads to the land of the dead

Can Zatanna figure out a way to save her father, save Pocus, save her home, and defeat the Witch Queen?

This is a fun and funny comic with some enjoyably sharp, stylized artwork, fantastic and surreal atmosphere, and lots of excellent characterization. We tend to assume that middle-grade graphic novels are for kids in junior high -- it seems to me this one is aimed slightly younger. I think it'd be best for older elementary school kids.

So go pick it up -- it's a fun comic with a good story and seriously fantastic-looking art.

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