Slang term for a particularly seductive facial expression. When you look at another person with bedroom eyes, it's like you're saying, "Hey, Big Dawg/Kitty Kat, why don't you come over here so we can make the beast with two backs?" Except, since you're saying it with your eyes instead of that I'm-drunk-on-tequila-and-ready-for-sweet-lovin'-and-then-a-trip-to- the-bathroom voice of yours, you are much less likely to get laughed at by your Partner of Choice and much more likely to get some of that sweet lovin' you crave.

A small number of people have natural bedroom eyes -- their bedroom eyes are "on" all the time! They can be digging a latrine, burping, cutting their own hair, filing their income tax, picking their nose, or even chewing the skin off a baby, but when they look at you, all you can think is: "Dear Lord, my only ambition in life is to bump uglies with that baby-eating maniac!"

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