A large triangle-shaped area in the North Atlantic Ocean where strange events are said to occur. The three corners of the triangle are considered to be at Bermuda, Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Many planes, ships, and people are said to have vanished here. Who's behind it? Is it aliens? Raiders from Atlantis? Kidnappers from the future? Ocean Dracula?

Honestly, it's a big area with lots of wacky currents where a ship could sink without anyone knowing what happened to it. The number of ships and planes that have gone missing in that area isn't particularly greater, proportionately, than in any other part of the ocean, but we're a pattern-loving species, so we often see interesting patterns in interesting locations. 

Besides, everyone knows it's impossible for something to disappear without a tra

The Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil’s Triangle, is an imaginary triangle that stretches from Miami, Florida to Bermuda then down to Puerto Rico. In the past hundred years, over one thousand people have died or disappeared in this area. Due to the mysterious nature of these dissappearances, all sorts of accusations have been flying around, covering everything from government conspiracies to interdimensional gateways to alien kidnappings.

The first written report indicating the mysterious nature of the region cane from none other than Christopher Columbus while on one of his voyages of discovery. While in the Sargasso Sea, Columbus wrote in his journal that his compass began acting strangely. A day later he wrote of a “large ball of light fallen from the sky,” and of an unearthly light that seemed to be coming from under the water. Many members of his crew recalled seeing mysterious bouncing lights in the night. Columbus wandered aimlessly in the Caribbean for a week before finding land.

The most mind-boggling event to take place in the Bermuda Triangle was the disappearance of Flight 19. On December 5, 1945, six Navy planes disappeared without a trace. The final contact between the flight leader and control tower reveals the strange circumstances surrounding the disappearance:

Flight Leader: Calling Tower. This is an emergency
Tower: What is your position?
Flight Leader: We are not sure of our position…we seem to be lost…everything is wrong…even the ocean doesn’t look as it should.

While thousands of ships and planes pass safely through the Triangle every year, such strange occurrences are impossible to dismiss completely. Many people have reported seeing balls of fire and explosions in the sky. Numerous pilots have reported their compasses spinning wildly, and some have even noted that their plane was pulled down towards the sea. Maybe there’s a rational explanation. Or maybe it’s a coincidence. Or perhaps it is the lost city of Atlantis. Whether the explanation is supernatural or not, the area is dangerous and hard to navigate.

An incomplete list of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle:

1872: The Mary Celeste, a cruise ship, is found deserted, wandering through the Bermuda Triangle.
1945: Flight 19
1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda.
1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives.
1948: A commercial DC-3 flight disappears with 32 people on board. The remains were never found.
1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes.
1950: Giant US Air Force Globemaster lost.
1950: American freighter, SS Sandra (350 ft), sinks without a trace.
1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 aboard.
1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation vanishes with 42 aboard.
1956: US Navy seaplane, Martin p5M, dessappears with crew of ten.
1962: US Air Force KB-50 tanker plane lost.
1963: Marine Sulpher Queen vanishes without a trace.
1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost.
1970: French freighter Milton latrides disappears.
1972: German freighter Anita (20,000 tons), lost with crew of 32.
1997: A German yacht, which had been missing for eight months, was found adrift in the Bermuda Triangle with its entire crew missing.

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