Slowly, the plane descends, barely a silhouette against the setting sun.
She's sitting in one of those seats, drawing closer.
Anticipation and excitement have been boiling for hours, but she's almost back home.
And with every passing second, with every meter that plane draws closer to the ground, a new feeling ascends.


"It looks like darkness to me. Drifting down into Miami..."

Miami is a song from the Counting Crows album, Hard Candy. Like many Counting Crows songs, it's based on singer Adam Duritz's insecurities and fears. Although this time around, we also get a glimpse of a little bit of hope.

Born of the waiting terminal of a Miami airport, it describes the feelings he's going through as his girlfriend's plane comes in to land, as she's returning from an overseas trip. Coming to meet him, as they're planning to move in together.

"It just gets hard to believe, that God sent this angel to watch over me..."

I suppose you could say that it's a reasonable indicator of the headspace Adam Duritz lives in, that as the moment of being reunited with someone he loves approaches, he feels a sense of terror descending. When they were apart, he was in some form of safety zone. As she steps of that plane, the opportunity for him to fuck everything up lives once again.

Says I'm too dumb to fuck, too dumb to fight, too dumb to save ...

Yet in the midst of this turmoil, a ray of hope shines through. Self doubt is pushed to the side, and replaced with a 'fuck it, let's just see what happens' attitude. Rather than giving into fear, he chooses to walk forwards, and face tomorrow with the possibility that maybe, things will be ok.

So come on baby, let's go shut it down in New Orleans


CST Approved

Mi*a"mis (?), n. pl.; sing. Miami (). Ethnol.

A tribe of Indians that formerly occupied the country between the Wabash and Maumee rivers.


© Webster 1913.

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