Miami (AP) A grim scene greeted policemen Tuesday at the Roanoke Concert Hall in Miami, Florida where The Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Show was running its third night straight. Police responded to an emergency call received at 9:48pm, the caller was said to repeat "Steve lost it...he’s freaking out!!!" several times. After speaking to eye witnesses and viewing a film of the evening's show thus far police put together the following report: Apparently Steve and Eydie took the stage at the usual time Tuesday evening at approximately 9:30 and opened up with their famous "Without You" swiftly moving into an impromptu audience greeting and a duet of "Luck Be A Lady". It was on the third bar of "It’s Cold Outside" when Steve drew a .357 Magnum revolver from a concealed shoulder holster in his tuxedo and began screaming "I'll show you how cold it is, motherfuckers!!" while blasting indiscriminately at the audience. At this point, of course, chaos ensued and most of the elderly audience bolted for the exits, trampling anyone in their path. Steve was brought down swiftly by a retired world war II vet who was heard to yell "It ends today, Lawrence!" Fortunately only one fatality was reported: twenty-four year old Michigan resident Jhasen Cooper, while trying to get out of the panicking senior citizens' way, caught a bullet in the left eye and died instantly.

-dem bones-
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