There are schools of 'elders' in Florida, I've noticed (almost all of them drive like maniacs and are from the northeastern seaboard):

  • Direct, outspoken, nice as hell and fun to talk to. They have some damn fine stories.
  • Unbelievably obnoxious, and not in a charming way, either. There's no point in respectfully deferring to them because they'd fuck you over in a second without compunction.
Some facts: Florida has the highest percentage of residents 65 and over with a percentage of 18.3. The second highest is Pennsylvania at 15.9%. 80% of current PA residents were born there (according to the 1990 census. Japan has like, three teenagers in Osaka: 17.2% of its 126.9 million population are 65+. Compare with the U.S.: 12.7% of its 275 million population are 65+.

We're losing the WWII people, so pick their brains and be nice to them before it's too late, goddammit.

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