UM, actually situated in Coral Gables, FL, is a university whose attractive landscaping and stylish student body belie its weak academic caliber. Since UM isn't the party school it once was, its continued purpose, independent of NCAA merchandising, is not entirely clear. The lake tends to stink, and its Film and Jazz departments are the only ones worthy of the name. Cool places to go on campus include the banyan tree near the Physics building, and the roof of Eaton RC.

A very expensive school in South Florida. Still thought of as Suntan U from time to time. Not a party school in the strict sense due to the fact that real entertainment in the form of South Beach and Downtown are closeby. Why party with a bunch of drunk college kids when you can get your groove on with supermodels and other beautiful people?

However, a good education can still be had here. The University has a damn fine art department, as well as a good School of Communication, and the top audio engineering school in the nation.

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