The nice thing about Bermuda is that it's in the Northern latitudes, at least in relation to what most people think of as the tropics. So it's cooler than other vacation spots, such as Jamaica or the Bahamas.

Bermuda was discovered in the early 1500's by Spanish sailors. In 1609, an English fleet got scattered and one of the ships wound up on the island. This was the beginning of British control of the island. The Spaniards made a couple of attempts to take the island in the 1600's, but fortifications had been built (which still stand) and served to rebuff their efforts.

In fact, Bermuda is the oldest British colony as it was the first legal colony of England. Today, you see the kids playing cricket and coming home from school in their uniforms. The buses weave down the narrow streets, narrowly missing each other. The natives seem fairly happy, unlike the restless Jamaicans, for instance, who seem to be about one spliff away from a full-scale revolution.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Bermuda was 95 degrees in August of 1931; the lowest was 41 degrees in January of 1955. That's pretty close to paradise, isn't it?

If you like to play golf, the only championship course there is the Mid Ocean Club. It looks sort of like Pebble Beach, with the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Expensive, but you've got to remember that you're in paradise, son.

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