Welcome to Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Uncyclopedia was founded by Oscar Wilde, and opened on the Internet in January 2005, but only came to my (and many others) attention around September 2005. It is a new addition to the family of online user-edited comprehensive content sites that includes Wikipedia, h2g2, Everything2, ScrewU2 and Uncle Fester's Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture.

Uncyclopedia is clearly using the same or very similar software to Wikipedia, so any Wikipedia user will be right at home with the interface. It is hosted by the same people as Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales, Oscar Wilde, Godzilla and a swarm of laughing bees.

What sets Uncyclopedia apart from its rivals is the content. Unicyclopedia is the official encyclopedia of unicycles. On this topic it is unsurpassed, and includes information on how to defeat a wild unicycle in single combat, and how to prepare, cook and eat its flesh afterwards.

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. Fact is discouraged, comedy is paramount.

Already in October 2005 it contains over 15 000 articles on topics as diverse as the growing problem of Kitten huffing, the feeding habits of the Bermuda Triangle, the evil of Sauron, the underarm menace of drop bears and the life of admiral Nelson Mandela.

A potato named Sophia is also the national symbol of Uncyclopedia, just drop one on a book, place it next to your computer, and you will never be alone.

No neutral point of view is enforced in the content. In fact, not much is enforced except that it should be funny and inaccurate. It is custom that many pages contain diverse quotes from Oscar Wilde, and similar quotes from Steve Ballmer:

"I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Uncyclopedia."
Steve Ballmer on Uncyclopedia

A section of the site called Undictionary holds shorter definitions. This is similar to Wiktionary, which is Wikipedia's dictionary of witchcraft.

Uncyclopedia is completely free, and worth every cent. It is open for anyone to edit, and it shows. In one sense it is a torrent of bilge, in another it is a wry commentary on the accuracy (or lack thereof) of publicly editable online resources. Everything2 is included in this, since anyone can in theory add a writeup, and accuracy even of high-reputation write-ups is not guaranteed. See this writeup in particular. But Uncyclopedia is also an excellent outlet for trolls, 14-year old boys and other comedians who would otherwise spend their time posting junk to other sites. And on occasions, it is pants-wetting funny.

Sources: Uncyclopedia, and boy does it show.

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