Film noir/horror movie, released in 1987. It was directed and written by Alan Parker, based on William Hjortsberg's novel "Falling Angel."

Stars of the film included: 

The plot focuses on 1950s private eye Harry Angel, who is hired by wealthy weirdo Louis Cyphre to track down a missing crooner named Johnny Favorite, who has broken a contract with Cyphre and gone into hiding. 

Angel follows Favorite's trail from New York City to New Orleans, where he runs into a number of Favorite's associates, including a jazz musician, a few occultists, and Favorite's daughter. And most of them have a terrible habit of turning up dead not long after Harry talks to them. Eventually, Harry finds out some terrible secrets about Favorite and about himself. 

The film received considerable controversy after the MPAA gave it an X rating, due to a sex scene between Rourke and Bonet. Parker eventually cut about 10 seconds from the movie to get an R rating. Additionally, Bonet's presence in the movie caused its own problems for her career -- she played one of Bill Cosby's daughters in "The Cosby Show," and though the comedian initially claimed to be fine with her appearing in the movie, she was soon fired from the show over creative differences

Despite all that, this is a wonderfully creepy movie, just soaking in the atmosphere of off-kilter '50s New Orleans. The film is fully immersed in jazz, voodoo, poverty, rain, heat, humidity, and blood. There's always something strange happening, and the recurring motifs of fans and elevators, initially barely noticeable, eventually grow to be themes that can't be ignored. 

The acting is outstanding all around. Rourke can be hard to take nowadays, but he's at the top of his game here, playing a smart guy who's in way over his head. Bonet is excellent as a woman who's sexy, independent, and more than a little spooky. DeNiro brings creepiness, charm, and a barely concealed joy at getting to play such a wild role. Of the more minor characters, Stocker Fontelieu's Ethan Krusemark is a particular delight as the wealthy, enthusiastic Satanist.

If you get a chance to watch it, please do so. It's a wonderful supernatural treat. 

Latest manga by Tsukasa Hojo, published in Bunch magazine since it's launch last year. The ongoing series has just reached chapter 28, and 2 tankoubon paperbacks have been published so far, the first of which had already reached record sales of 1.000.000 volumes when the second one came out two months later.

The story is a darker version of City Hunter, set after that series, and according to the author's insistance, is actually an alternate universe of City Hunter, rather than a simple continuation of the story. In this universe, Kaori, Ryo Saeba's partner has died in a car accident, as a result, he has become harder, although he is still chasing around innocent women.

Kaori's heart that was supposed to be used in a heart transplant was stolen en route, and instead transplanted into a young women called Glass Heart, who has been trained to be a serial killer since she was 5, and had tried to commit suicide after her 50th killing broke her heart.

Meanwhile Ryo is still searching for the thieves that took Kaori's heart, believing Kaori lives on in the person who got Kaori's heart. And when Glass Heart wakes from her coma she distinctly remembers strange dreams of a man she doesn't know...

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