A non-collectible card game published by Z-Man Games in 2001 and designed by Stephen Tassie. The title is, of course, taken from Criswell's infamous line from the beginning of "Plan 9 from Outer Space," and appropriately, the game's subject matter is science fiction and horror B-movies.

Each player is dealt a number of cards, which are people, items, locations, monsters, and plot points that can go into the making of a bad horror movie. You can give your movie outlandish names like "Tomb of the Alien Space Children, Part IV" or "Satanic Zombie Cyborgs Meet the Unholy Girlfriend" and populate your flick with characters ranging from the Babysitter to the Big Dumb Jock to the Nymphomaniac Cheerleader to The Guy Everyone Knows Will Get Killed to Skippy the Wonder Dog. You can set it in the high school, the cabin in the woods, the sorority house, the old church, or the funhouse. You can include props like the shotgun and the chainsaw or the first aid kit and the Book of the Dead. All of these provide you with defense points that you will need to defend your movie from the monsters that your opponents will be playing on you -- monsters like zombies, mad scientists, pod people, severed body parts, gym teachers, and of course, psycho killers.

Naturally, there are other rules, but the general point is to end the game with more characters and defense points than your opponents. But if you're not shouting the names of the cards out loud as you play them ("You fools! Even with Holy Relics, the Old Priest and the Nervous Girl don't stand a chance against the Killer Toys! Especially now that they're both trapped in the Back Seat of the Car!" and "You may think the Blob Monster can't be stopped, but that Rubber Suit isn't very frightening! And besides, the Bookish Girl with No Boyfriend has an Axe now, so SUCK IT DOWN, MOFO!") ... you're just not utilizing the full power of the game...

A sequel to the game -- "Grave Robbers II: Skippy's Revenge" -- was released in late-2003. Loveable Skippy the Wonder Dog is now an undead horror! Ye gods! The game is just like the original -- you can even mix the two card decks together for more horror-movie fun.

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