A hilarious pinball machine designed by Pat Lawlor. The centerpiece is an almost-life-size head named Rudy, with moving eyes and mouth, and the mouth is level with the playfield so you can sometimes shoot the pinball in, or smack him in the mouth when it's not open. Do this enough times and get the sausage bonus. ("You big ... SAUSAGE!")

Rudy talks to you, sometimes to congratulate you, sometimes to tease you, etc. There are two sets of goals to build up to separately in Funhouse: Multiball and the Mystery Mirror.

Multiball is based on a clock in the center of the playfield, which advances 5 to 15 minutes each time you hit a target throughout the game. When it reaches 11:30, lock is lit. Two locked balls each advance the clock another 15 minutes. Then at midnight, Rudy falls asleep with his mouth open; lock the 3rd ball there to start multiball and score 1 million points. The trap door opens and is lit for 2 million. If you get that, then you can shoot the ramp to reopen the trap door for 3 million, and this continues for increasing millions.

The Mystery Mirror is lit at the start of each ball, and whenever the ball enters the outer right inlane (there are two inlanes on this side in this game, in addition to an outlane). To collect it, shoot the ball into the hole in front of the brightly-decorated mirror near the top of the playfield, and you will get the award labeled with a flashing light. Collect all six awards in one game and relight the mirror to set the whole thing flashing, and shoot it to start Super Frenzy, a timed mode in which everything scores a lot of points.

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