Oh, yes. I have heard your voice.

You shout and cry about the menace of the liberals and the liberal media.

You are so fond of your superior morals.

You are so fond of your racist tendencies.

You are so fond of your doublespeak and your convenient half-truths.

Oh, yes. I have heard your voice.

You have become used to a status quo that lets you hang black men from trees and kill women in the streets. You have become accustomed to whining about discrimination while living in a world of privilege and riches. You have become accustomed to singing praises to a god of love while worshipping at the feet of Baal and Mammon. You have thought that you have a monopoly on murder. You have heard that we are forgiving and weak. You believed that we were content with your whispering voice of evil and secret wickedness.

You have been misled.

Even now, I follow you. Even now, I thirst for your blood. Even now, your days are numbered. For there are demons among you who care not for the scoldings of cowardly men. There are wolves who will seize you and feast. There are hidden beasts who are not cowed by public relations or political discourse, who have no fear of arrogant posturing or moral cluckings.

Do you think your time is permanent? Do you believe no one can harm you?

My shadow is at your back.

My breath is on your neck.

My fangs are at your throat.

Your time is ended.

My time is just begun.

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