Supernatural romance webcomic, written and illustrated by Sarah Andersen and published in 2019 on the Tapas webcomic platform. The series was later published as a book in 2020 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

Our main characters are Elsie, a goth girl with a dark sense of humor, and Jimmy, a shaggy dude who's into flannel jackets and not shaving very often. 

She's a vampire. He's a werewolf. They're in love

This isn't a comic with a whole lot of intricate plotting. It's a gag comic. It's got gags about monsters and gags about dating and sex

This isn't a bad thing. The gags are pretty great. The art is dandy

And hey, speaking of art, if you're familiar with Sarah Andersen, you probably know her from her very popular "Sarah's Scribbles" comics. This is nothing like "Sarah's Scribbles," which is adorably simple, with people with round heads, big round eyes, chunky bodies, straggly hair, and stick arms and legs. The art in "Fangs" is much more realistic -- though still absolutely stinkin' adorable. Elsie is a vamp in more ways than one, while Jimmy is more of a handsome, sensitive slob -- and any appearance of his werewolf form is likely to end up with him giving in to his secret desire for puppy snuggles

This isn't a scary comic, by any means. It is, again, a gag comic. We don't get to see bone-crunching werewolf transformation scenes. We don't get to see anyone get ripped to shreds or drained of blood. But all the monster jokes mean we get very strong monster energy in the entire book and, in fact, in every single comic. 

If you're looking for some comics that are sweet, sexy, and also a little bit spooky, from a popular artist who is clearly having fun showing off a different side of her artistic background, this is a book you'll enjoy reading. 


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