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"A momentary diversion on the road to the grave"

Achewood is a comic strip created by Chris Onstad, and starring a collection of stuffed toys, animals, and robots.

The art is simple but effective, and the stories and dialogue are a peculiar mixture of antiquated and modern style, rather as though Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey and the cast of Diesel Sweeties had had a child together.

The cast includes:

  • Teodor, Lyle and Mr. Bear (teddy bears)
  • Philippe (a toy otter)
  • Ray Smuckles, Pat, and Roast Beef (cats)
  • Todd and Blister (squirrels, respectively live and dead)
  • Lie Bot, Chucklebot, and Vlad (robots)

Fan favourites are the naive and cute Philippe, and the depressed and suicidal Roast Beef.

Achewood is currently online at: http://www.achewood.com


  • WHOO! I am DEFINITELY not afraid of the fucking POLICE right now!
  • Huuugs!
  • Why, oh why did someone have to screw a monkey?
  • I love speaking English very much! I love it a thousand times!
  • I was like BONE... BONE... BONE...
  • Did you not hear, Lie Bot? Chucklebot is gay! He totally makes out with dudes now!
  • i've been having real awful dreams about giant apocalyptic machinery just mowing us all down.