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First and foremost, Philippe is a special boy.

More accurately, Philippe is a fictional otter pup and character in Chris Onstad’s Achewood comic strip. He is also ostensibly a non-fictional stuffed otter toy somewhere in Chris Onstad’s house.

Philippe is one of the principle characters of Achewood. He appeared in the first strip, entitled “Philippe is standing on it” on October 1, 2001. Indeed, Philippe was standing on the instruction manual of a drum machine that was confounding his fellow housemates Téodor and Mr. Bear.

Since that fateful day, Philippe has had many adventures and high jinks, most rooted in his good-natured innocence. Philippe ate all of Téodor’s shrooms, enraged Mark McGwire (according to Lie Bot), befriended a French Fry which later died in a rollerskate accident, was possessed by the disembodied spirit of Billy Idol, married Mr. Bear’s petunia after coming to believe he was the father of its unborn child, and has of late become somewhat chubby after eating far too many Subway sandwiches. Philippe has also been romantically linked to the lovely Ultra Peanut, a cute female otter from China. However, this relationship may have ended after Philippe accidentally caused Click Robot, Ultra Peanut’s tiny robotic friend, to soil itself and subsequently die of shame.

All in all, Philippe is cute, naïve, and loveable li’l guy, which makes him an ideal foil for the drinking, cussing, and boning that usually rules the day at Achewood. When you here him (or his speaker sneakers) say “HERE COMES A SPECIAL BOY”, rejoice, as you are in for a sublime comedic treat.


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