Ketel One is a wheat-based brand of vodka distilled in Amsterdam, Holland. Ketel One was founded by Joannes Nolet in Schledam, Holland. Grouped by price, it is in the top half of all vodkas. It does not have a particularly attractive/collectible bottle like other more-expensive vodkas like Vincent (Van Gogh) Vodka.

Currently, Carel Nolet, Sr is the sole owner of the secret Ketel One method of distilling their vodka. He has two sons, Carl Nolet, Jr and Bob Nolet.

Every batch of Ketel One vodka is tasted by a member of the Nolet family to make sure it meets the Ketel One standard. Every batch of Ketel One vodka is distilled in "Distilleerketel #1", an alembic copper potstill from 1864. It is distilled three times and charcoal filtered. They only make limited quantities of this stuff.

The first 100 gallons and last 100 gallons of each batch are discarded because they are too harsh or too weak.

If you care about your liver, this is the vodka to drink, IMHO. This alcohol is smooth like a single malt scotch. Ketel One vodka and Heineken beer make me respect the craftsmanship of the Dutch people. Remember that if you buy your liquor in plastic containers, you're doing disfavour to your body, mind and soul.
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