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To Node the Unnodeable. To Touch the Untouchable. To keep my nuts protected.
clitoral stimulation, hip-hop, drum-n-bass, Legos, monkey bizzness
University of South Florida / Lebhar-Friedman, Inc.
Be Prepared (made that up myself!) or "there's always time for a quickie" from my girlfriend
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AIM contact info: MCfunky49 - don't say hello, say cheese.
MSN contact info: MCfunky49 - please tell me you detect a pattern.
FYI, I use an app called Trillian.

My highest writeups are Slashdot, Cuban Sandwich, Kuiper belt and sex swing. Do they have anything in common?

If you don't know what the following is... then it is not for you
GIT d? s: a- C++ U*--- P-- L- E---- W++ N+ o-- K- w
O M- V-- PS+ PE++ Y PGP- t 5 X- R* tv b+ DI+ D+
G- e* h--- r++ y+

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