an Italian word that means "moustache". It is also the only nickname I ever had, and it was given to me when I was a LambdaMOO wizard.
Now, the problem is that if one day I decide to shave radically what happens to my nickname ?
Would I become "liscio", that means "smooth" ?

Ok, I was joking: here is the straight dope on baffo, as provided by forest. I knew you would not believe all that Italian bullshit anyway.

Baffo McGuillicuddy - (Person) 1935 -- ; The forgotten founder of one-armed midget-wrestling, Baffo has been largely overlooked by society...

Mr. McGuillicuddy has always been my hero. My father and I would go to the midget-wrestling arena, and on the way there he would tell me of how Baffo had arrived to the United States from his native Wales; of how people would constantly mispell his name AND his surname; of how he invented and formalized the sport.
He is currently a controversial figure; some people say that it is good that even wrestlers that are not enormous hulking masses of flesh can have their day. Some say that it is just exploitation of a novelty.

A reliable source tells me that baffo in Greek means joint (as in spliff). This fills me with wild, uncontrollable joy that I can hardly express using the limited bandwidth ASCII affords.
Just picture me running around my office, dressed only in Post-It notes, clawing the walls and bellowing loudly "JOINT ! JOINT !".
On second thought, don't.

To close this WU with a golden brooch, as they say in Mexico, I will add a quotation from dem bones:

dem bones: Who the fuck is baffo?

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