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/me misses sensei (and everyone else, too)


Hi, I'm Shro0m. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I've been using computers since my father bought our first Commodore 64. That's when I first started programming. These days I mostly use Perl and tcl/tk, since I do more system administration than development, but I am interested in Objective-C and of course have done plenty of C and a little Java in school. Since that first C64 I have gathered lots of hardware over the years.

During the mid to late 90s I used to live in a geek house with computers floor to ceiling, but I was all alone (of course). Most girls really aren't in to that scene. In order to save money on rent I moved in with a roommate. He was such a dork and was cruel to his cat so I moved out, ASAP; That is a great story (in a "train-wreck: can't look away" kind of way) that someday I'll get around to telling. Anyway, since I had nowhere to go I ended up moving back in with my parents in the beginning of 2000. That's not a Good Thing.

By May of 2000 I had gotten engaged to a wonderful Kim (after which she moved back to Jacksonville with me after a long long distance relationship). If you want to read about it, it's in my day log.

In March 2001 we moved into a new apartment together.

On July 28, 2001, Kim and I got married. I speculated about the event in that day log.

In November, 2003 I quit my job with America Online and returned to college. I'm surprised I didn't daylog about the the weight that had been lifted from my soul. I'm eager to finish school and get a rewarding job. However, in the meantime, I work part-time for FDOT in the District 2 Transportation Management Center.

Some of my irl friends have nodes on everything too, like Dewb for instance. Sadly, I've never met any other noders.

Things I love (in no particular order):

  1. IBM clicky keyboards
    My favorite feature is that the backslash key is in the Right Place. Many modern "Windows" keyboards have a short backspace key with the slish next to it instead of below it (where it naturally belongs). Keyboards with emasculated backspace keys usually have engorged enter or return keys. In even more bizzare layouts I have witnessed the slish to the right of a chopped off right-shift.
  2. Ramen
  3. Sushi, Sushi, and Sushi
  4. TiVo


Here I have saved the gems of my message box:

  • mblase says re Peace and Love, Inc.: Berry nice breakdown, good job
  • ssd says your motto is also silly. 8-P
  • mfk says We're freaks. The Model M is both a status symbol and a religious object.
  • (bakufu) Apatrix says Greetings, earthlings. You have been drafted into this group by order of Cap'n Shro0m and are now collectively E2's official Japanese Oracle.
  • stupot says Heh... congratulations on getting level 3 :o) I think I got to level 2 on a writeup deletion request... very surreal!

hope your browser groks nihongo
三人 寄れば 姦しい

Have noder's block?

Here's some WU's I'd like to read, but don't seem to exist yet:

Ken Takakura, Jean Yves Girard's paradox, Rolle's theorem, both Stefan Banach's and Knaster's fixed-point theorems, the Schroeder-Bernstein theorem, the Picard-Lindeloef theorem for the existence of ODEs is weak and should be superceded, Auguste Kerckhoffs (thanks kthejoker)

Personhood Defined by Nodes

Finally, if you really need more insight into my personality, the list of nodes below will give you a pretty good idea.

Tori Amos (person) Naginata Rhythim is Rhythim Freestyle Walking P2 conspiracy Quality Control Red Dwarf Realize your connection with the Infinite Yamete kudasai, oshiri ga itai yo Space: 1999 shapeshifter story (idea) you speak like who you hang with, and piece like who you paint with spider camp Minamoto Yoshitsune Li Po ERFC: Kanji Write-Ups Jack Kirby Node Heaven Badtz Maru The Humpty Dance X-Com Masaharu Morimoto Beats Living Shit Out Of Bobby Flay: Americans Cheer Wildly Yoshiki Okamoto Wong Fei Hung The "Moon": A Ridiculous Liberal Myth (idea) What I learned from the skateboarders outside my window tektite (thing) Morihei Ueshiba St. Louis Cardinals bakufu Japanese expressions Civilization III has made me sympathize with the Japanese in WWII seiyuu LeVar Burton Nanobot Deathmatch War Room 202-244-3121 turntable Everything 2 Neural Network Chaos "bachelor's" kimchi Time's Arrow (thing) Sealab 2021 Sabetsu Chinese character tattoos Information Society Deracinate Kesper North Japanese schools of Buddhism (idea) Capcom Drunken Style Kung Fu Samuel L. Jackson Mystery Science Theater 3000 E2 Offline Scratchpad Electro Rabbit in the Moon yuishiki (idea) long vowels in Japanese (idea) Makura no Sôshi

When I'm looking for something new and interesting to read I search through nodes from: Cogito Derfel Dotc Ereneta Gn0sis Great Neb Jennavenda Liontamer Mauler Microlith RalphyK RoguePoet Schist Sekicho Starrynight TenMinJoe Toxick Walter