In Ultimate Frisbee, the act of jumping/diving in order to reach the frisbee. Laying out has many uses on offense and defense-
  • on offense, layouts can be used to reach a disc that is low to the ground in front of the reciever.
  • another good use for the layout is pulling in a disc that is high off the ground in the endzone.
  • on defense, the layout is mainly used to come from behind an offensive player in order to get a d-block.

In order to lay out properly, you have to dive with arms outstretched- it takes some getting used to, and many players combat LODS (layout deficiency syndrome) for years. When you lay out, you should land straight (don't lean too much to either side) on your chest and slide. Don't use your hands to stop your fall as this can result in dislocated shoulders and broken wrists. Laying out is an important technique that will add an important tool to your game on both offense and defense.

Layout: 1. a plan or design of something that's laid out. 2. The act of laying out (as by making plans for something). [WordNet® 1.6]

In DTP and publishing world, the layout usually refers to the formatting of the page; how the content is put on the page. This is an art form in itself.

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