Vegas® Video

A product of Sonic Foundry®

Vegas Video is as said above, a product of Sonic Foundry, and is very similar, in theory, to Acid Pro®, and other similar products. Vegas Video is basically the Acid Pro of the video world. It is the same in complexity and style. The layouts are the same, and the overall feel of the program is very nice. If you don't know much, or have had little previous experience with video-editing software, this isn't the right tool for you. However you might like Vegas Video if you've had experience with the generic Apple® Macintosh software iMovie® which is standard on all of the (and I'm not comepletely sure of this) new G3's and G4's. And, like I said before, if you've used Acid Pro, or other Sonic Foundry products, you will have an easier time settling in to the layout.

Vegas Video has the set of standard, professional, and "home-movie" features/effects such as:

Just to name a few...

Vegas Video is not a very system-taxing piece of software. The requirements are as follows:

Another nice feature of Vegas Video, is that it supports a huge number of file types. See below:

It imports: .aif .bmp .gif .jpg .mov .mp3 .og .pca .png .psd .sfa .tif (requires QuickTime) .tga .w64 .wav .wma and .wmv.

It exports: .aif .avi .mov .mp3 .mpg (with optional plug-in) .pca .ogg .rm .w64 .wav .wma and .wmv

I have been hired to design a curriculum on how to use this software. If you would like a copy of it, when I am done with it, you can e-mail me at:

For those of you who wish to purchase this software, visit the manufacturer's website at:

Sonic Foundry also supports education and academic uses of this software. If you wish a student/faculty/educational company discount visit the above website, and click on the "Educational" link. The approximate price, with the discount is between $150.00 and $200.00

The web address for the academics is

Note to reader: This information applies specifically to Vegas Video 3.0. The information may apply to previous versions, however at the point when Vegas Video 4.0 is released, this information may no longer be valid.

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