þú veist af allri hlýjunni
þú finnur allan hitan
þú veist að ég elska þig
þú veist ég verð að fara

ég fer og veiði í matinn
kem afture hlaðin gjöfum
með bér og fjaðrir og perlur
og litla effelturna

ég kem og kyssi og kyssi
og kyss´og þegar ég kem
og þegar og þegar

þú veist að ég þarnfast þín
þú veist að ég er þín
Ho-oh-oh, þú....
a-að ég elska þig
þú veist að ég er þín
Ho-oh, wooh-oh oh
þegar hann kemur

a-að ég elska þig


You know of all the warmth
you feel all the heat
you kow that I love you
you know that I must go

I go and hunt for food
and come back loaded with meat
with berries and feathers and pearls
and little eiffel towers

I come and kiss and kiss
kiss and rub the neck
and when and when I come
and when and when

you know that I need you
you know that I'm yours
Ho-oh-oh oh, you...
a-that I love you
you know that I'm yours
Ho-oh, wooh-oh oh
when he comes

a-that I love you

-- Björk on Debut, Japanese edition, &
the Human Behaviour cassette single


Atlantic was a band that existed in the 1960's. Atlantic played various styles, but they centered in on soul and fusion jazz. They had several artists. At various times the band included:

Other albums by Atlantic:

  • A Change Is Gonna Come (Atlantic 1966)
  • Tobacco Road (Atlantic 1966)
  • Do It Now! (Atlantic 1966)
  • Brother Jack & David Newman: Double... (Atlantic 1967)
  • At*lan"tic (#), a. [L. Atlanticus, fr. Atlas. See Atlas and Atlantes.]


    Of or pertaining to Mt. Atlas in Libya, and hence applied to the ocean which lies between Europe and Africa on the east and America on the west; as, the Atlantic Ocean (called also the Atlantic); the Atlantic basin; the Atlantic telegraph.


    Of or pertaining to the isle of Atlantis.


    Descended from Atlas.

    The seven Atlantic sisters. Milton.


    © Webster 1913.

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