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"Not even a mighty warrior can break a frail arrow when it is multiplied and supported by its fellows. As long as you brothers support one another and render assistance to one another, your enemies can never gain the victory over you. But if you fall away from each other, your enemy can break you like frail arrows, one at a time."
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Hello all of E2!!!! I have returned from my long long...long slumber. I congratulate you on your excellent noding which I have been watching from the outside. +++++To all of you.!!

Well, I guess that I will be back, though I can't say for how long. I think that I still have my touch given that on my 1st real day back I got a w/u up to +15 and got it C!'d. Good Times. Check it out. I will bookmark all of my C!'d nodes below!

Lerris' Contest of the week:

If you can identify the following saying, then you will get 5 upvotes courtesy of me. Ready....Set...Go...

Good luck to all of you, and please read on.Please Note: I don't just vote on random ones. I vote on the good ones, written by that particular user. If anyone has a problem with it, then just let me know. BTW, from this point forward, students of North Haverbrook are not eligible.

Let me know when you find the answer. I thinkst that I will begin a node which I will compile all of the information from my quotes on. (With who solved them, of course.