Sound Forge is the premiere audio tool for manipulating sound files. The range of utilities and plug-ins make it the Photoshop of the audio world.

Sound Forge 4.5c supports Windows Media Technologies 4.0. Windows Media Technologies 4.0 is a new streaming media solution from Microsoft that features a more advanced approach to digital content delivery. This technology provides users with the ability to encode multiple bit rate (.ASF) streams in a single encoding and is further enhanced by the incorporation of Microsoft’s recently announced audio codec, code-named MS Audio, which provides superior audio compression for streaming content delivery.

Sound Forge 4.5c also supports the RealNetworks' RealSystem G2 file format. The G2 file format allows for the creation of streaming audio and video content for RealNetworks' G2 media player. Specifically, this file format support will allow you to encode your audio and video files using the most advanced streaming media compression technology that RealNetworks offers.

While going through my mother's attic, I found an old cassette of a bootleg I made when I saw Blondie in 1979. The heat had made a mess of the tape, and one channel was completely lost. Using Sound Forge, I was able to reconstruct the audio from the tape, rebuild the left audio channel, and recovered a forgotten memory of a concert that I completely enjoyed.

Quote from XfactorY.

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