A brainy, eclectic New York City band of the New Wave era. Like their peers Talking Heads, they found mainstream success by incorporating elements of black dance music into their pastiche of rockstyles - the discofied "Heart of Glass" was an abomination to some who loved the 60s retro of "Denis" and "Rip Her to Shreds", but "Rapture" was too funn(k)y to hate. A later discoid tune ("Atomic"!) was used in a Coca-Cola World Cup ad. Their Rock Senior Tour bid? Don't bother.

A type of baked good, like a brownie, but made with vanilla and chocolate chips. Very good when made correctly.

A daily syndicated comic strip created by Chic Young. The first strip appeared on September 8, 1930.

Blondie started out as a flapper in the 1920's named Blondie Boopadoop, a flightly lass who was being wooed by the all the eligable bachelors in town. Amongst them was Dagwood Bumstead, the son of billionaire, J. Boiling Bumstead. Dagwood was a bit of a loser, but nothing could stop true love and on February 17, 1933, Dagwood and Blondie were married.

Over the years things have changed. The Bumsteads now live in a middle class neighborhood with two children: a son named Alexander and a daughter named Cookie. Constantly with them is their dog Daisy. Dagwood works for Julius Dithers and we occasionally see his wife Cora.

In recent years, Blondie has moved with the times, with Blondie and her neighbor Tootsie starting their own catering business.

Blondie was one of the first comic strips to inspire a movie. In this case not just one, but a series of twenty-eight movies, starring Penny Singleton as Blondie and Arthur Lake as Dagwood. Singleton later went on to be the voice for Jane Jetson on The Jetsons. Lake starred as Dagwood in a short lived Blondie television series.

Blondie is also the title of their debut album. The band actualy started off as a pop-punk band (kinda like some of The Ramones stuff). They hung out with the gang at CBGB's in New York, which included Iggy Pop, Television, The Ramones and The New York Dolls. Debbie, apparently, did not get along very well with Patti Smith. In her own words: "Fred Smith fucking quit Blondie. I was pissed. I was pissed at all of them -all of Television, all of the Patti Smith Group, and Patti and Fred. I was pissed at Patti because she talked Fred into joining Television. Boy, did he make a mistake. Ha ha ha." (From Please Kill Me)

1.X Offender (Harry/Valentine) - 3:14
2.Little Girl Lies (Harry) - 2:07
3.In the Flesh (Harry/Stein) - 2:32
4.Look Good in Blue (Destri) - 2:55
5.In the Sun (Stein) - 2:40
6.A Shark in Jet's Clothing (Destri) - 3:39
7.Man Overboard (Stein) - 3:21
8.Rip Her to Shreds (Harry/Stein) - 3:22
9.Rifle Range - 3:41
10.Kung Fu Girls (Destri/Harry/Valentine) - 2:32
11.The Attack of the Giant Ants (Stein) - 3:24

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