As I see it, retro is something old that has come back in style again. Like record players, reel-to-reel tape recorders, even VCR if you like. Old styles of clothing too.

I personally am a retro freak. I own lots of vinyl records, compact cassettes, movies on VHS tapes and so on. I prefer old video games over the modern super powerful megagraphics consoles like Playstation 3. For me, NES will be the best console ever.

Some people can't understand retro at all. They wonder why someone would use something old when there are new and "better" things available. Hey, people look at me weird when I'm out shopping, listening to my cassette Walkman, but I kind of love it. I own an iPod and my cell phone also has an MP3 player, but they just don't have that feel I get from the Walkman. Of course, it can be a hassle to use a cassette Walkman if you are the type that wants to listen to a different song every 1 or 2 minutes. I myself usually listen to full albums or make my own, well-planned mixtapes. Making a mixtape is an art, very similar to making a playlist, but requires a bit more work.

And talk about the records. I just love using a record player. It is like a ritual:
Put up the dustcover of the player, take a record from the shelf, place it on the turntable, switch the power on, adjust the anti-skating etc. to your likings, place the needle on the record and enjoy the sweet music. Record sleeves also usually have great artwork. CD covers are way too small to show off the nice artwork.

By the way, I still own a CRT television. Don't laugh, I just don't see a point in getting a new modern super LCD telly, when the old tube works perfectly. Besides, I can hook up my Nintendo Entertainment System or Commodore 64 to it...

My style of dress might be a bit inspired by the old times. I wear flight jackets(yeah, the ones associated with skinheads these days), denim jackets etc.
I even used to sport a mullet a few years ago, talk about 80's style! I got it cut off though and got myself a flattop haircut!

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