Founded on September 16th, 1989 The Pillows are a relatively unpopular (or indie depending on how you look at it) J-Rock group. Either way, they are severely underappreciated. They have a somewhat retro punk sound which is not entirely unlike Penpals (of Berserk fame). They are responsible for most the music for the Gainax anime OAV FLCL (aka Furi Kuri), but most notably the end theme Ride on Shooting Star which played during the stop action animation of an real Vespa scooter. The FLCL OST is titled Addict.

Their recent music has been very guitar heavy, but not in a bad way. The music for Addict is very catchy without being pop-like. It's generally high-energy, but with rough edges. Few songs exceed 3½ minutes, but in general they don't seem too short.


Vocals & Guitar
山中さわお Sawao Yamanaka
真鍋吉明 Yoshiaki Manabe
佐藤しんいちろう Shinihirou Satou

上田ケンジ KENJI Ueda played bass and was a founding member of the band, but left in 1992. Currently, the band has no bassist.

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