pop(n) - pop music aka popular music; what old people call softdrinks; an album released in the spring of 1997 by U2. The album had such hits as "mofo" and "staring at the sun" and featured other talents such as trip hop artis Howie B. It spawned the awe-inspiring POP Mart tour as well. PoP also stands for Point of Presence referring to a local Dial in number for an ISP. POP also stands for Post Office Protocal and is a method of retrieving mail off a remote host.See Imap

U2 album released in 1997. Pop marked a signficant change from U2's old rock and roll style. Bono said something along the line of rock and roll needing a kick in the ass, which this album gave it. The songs on this record have a sound all their own. IMHO, it's certainly one of the best U2 albums ever. This album is one of those you can listen from start to finish 3 times in an evening. I can't wait for their next release. Here's the track list:

  1. Discotheque
  2. Do You Feel Loved
  3. Mofo
  4. If God Will Send His Angels
  5. Staring at the Sun
  6. Last Night on Earth
  7. Gone
  8. Miami
  9. The Playboy Mansion
  10. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
  11. Please
  12. Wake Up Dead Man
In skateboarding it is used to refer to the action (and height) of ollieing/nollieing.

Ex 1. You must pop your tail to ollie, but you must pop your nose to nollie.
Ex 2. You're going to need a fair bit of pop to clear that gap.

(computing, programming)

Pop means removing and returning the top element of a stack. See the opposite push for an example.

Perl function:
pop @array

Removes and returns the last element of @array, reducing its length by 1. If @array contains no elements, the undefined value is returned.

If no argument is given, pop affects @ARGV (in the main program) or @_ (in a subroutine).

See also push, shift and unshift.

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POP also stands for Point of Presence - a term used in telcos for designating their service points. POPs constitute Internet and telephone network exchanges, and as a result POPs are primrary elements of the Internet backbone, and are also usually coupled with large POTS telephone network exchanges.

POPs also represent an important factor in determining provisioning of large-scale Internet connectivity. xDSL can only be within a certain distance from a POP due to the nature of signal degredation. Also, in Australia the distance from a POP can determine the cost per kilometre for large scale Internet connections due to the necessity to run fibre-optic cable for long distances. Telstra and all other upstream providers base a calculated charge on excessively long distance from the nearest POP.

The density of POPs will determine how "switched on" a city or town is. Because the connectivity of towns and cities is usually based on telco installation of cabling, and because large cities also generate large amounts of content, there can often be between 10 to 20 POPs in a medium sized city, 1 per small town, and varying densities based on the population and requirements of a region.

"Pop", in skateboarder terms, is... well, something that varies in definition from person to person. Big Alba defined it as both an action and a result, but previously I had mostly heard it used to describe something about the deck itself.

What? It depends, but mostly strength. Not durability... just strength.

For example, two days previous Dave S. had blown $180 buying a new board. New deck, new trucks, new everything. Today we were standing around by the stairs, watching him fooling around with it. A couple of teachers filed by, chuckling paternally, on their way to have a smoke. We all agreed with what his friend Toby said: that board had great "pop."

Right then, Dave S. landed from a particularly half-assed ollie and the board snapped neatly in half. He literally went apeshit; 'went' in the sense of 'said', as he started hopping around and screaming profanities, mostly centering around monkeys and their feces.

So, "pop" apparently refers to a board's ability to snap in half. While we were doubled over with laughter, our physics teacher nearby suggested he just make a new board out of a two by four.

Makes me wonder why he had to buy a new one. Did his old board have pop, too?


pop /pop/

[from the operation that removes the top of a stack, and the fact that procedure return addresses are usually saved on the stack] (also capitalized `POP') 1. vt. To remove something from a stack or PDL. If a person says he/she has popped something from his stack, that means he/she has finally finished working on it and can now remove it from the list of things hanging overhead. 2. When a discussion gets to a level of detail so deep that the main point of the discussion is being lost, someone will shout "Pop!", meaning "Get back up to a higher level!" The shout is frequently accompanied by an upthrust arm with a finger pointing to the ceiling. 3. [all-caps, as `POP'] Point of Presence, a bank of dial-in lines allowing customers to make (local) calls into an ISP. This is borderline techspeak.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

It doesn't matter about the car,
I drive or the ice around my neck,
All that matters,
Is that you recognise,
That it's just about respect,
It doesn't matter,
About the clothes I wear,
Or where I go and why,
All that matters,
Is that you get hyped,
We're gonna give it,
To you everytime c'mon

Do you ever wonder,
Why this music gets you high?
And takes you on a ride,
Feel it when your,
Body starts to rock,
And baby you can't stop,
The music's all you got,
(Baby come on)
This must be



Dirty, dirty, dirty pop,
Dirty pop,
Do you ever wonder,
Wonder wonder won.

Do you ever wonder,
Why this music gets you high?
And takes you on a ride,
Feel it when your,
Body starts to rock,
And baby you can't stop,
The music's all you got,
(Baby come on),
This must be.


Knowing full well that their time in the spotlight was coming to an end, the super-group was becoming ever fearful that people were slowly catching on. Some *NSYNC members were extremely afraid, and tried to escape Earth, while others tried to validate their talent by entering the extremely lucrative film industry. But all members agreed that they had to do something before people caught on to the act.

The group decided to self-destruct. They recorded "Pop", a song which reveals all of their true intentions to the free, hardworking people of the world, and then dropped out of the music scene. In an effort to insult the educated they placed the song at the opening of their ironically titled album "Celebrity", as if saying to us "Hey, idiots, it was all a shame and now enjoy the rest of this crap album."


In the opening lines of this first verse the group is telling you that capitalism will be here for a very long time, no matter what you do. The "melody" that they speak of is actually manipulation.

But the end of the first verse is perhaps the most important section of this song: it reveals *N SYNCs true feelings and motives regarding their socioeconomic and political standings. Let’s take a closer look at the words that make up the end of those stanza...

Tired of feelin' all around me,

With this line Justin Timberlake is saying to you "Yes, we can see that our time is now limited." *NSYNC was obviously feeling the heat, as more people had begun to drift towards underground sources of music at this time. Along with a diminishing fan base, *NSYNC also began to receive numerous death threats.

Just worry about yours 'cause,
I'm-a get mine, now.

Yup, exactly: the direct admittance of their evil ways. They do not care about you, the average, middle to lower class citizen. The only thing they care about is "getting theirs", by any means necessary, even if it means pulling one of the greatest scams mankind has ever seen: their music.

People, can't you see?

They know we can, but they want to make sure we realize it’s all been a way to make money. They are laughing at us with their martini glasses held high, in a toast to the gullibility of the human race.


The second verse, although not as important as the first, is still an essential part of this song. This section is virtually telling you as plain as day that the group has ridiculous amounts of material possessions, and that they don’t care weather you realize that or not. The most important parts of this verse are the ending lines of the couplets.

All that matters,
Is that you recognise,
That it's just about respect.

The "respect" that they speak of is, in fact, peoples willingness to conform to what the band wants people to conform to. They’re saying that they hope people realize that without the consumers gullibility and conformity *N SYNC could never have come into power.

All that matters,
Is that you get hyped.

They don’t mean that it matters if you get hyped, but rather it matters that you follow the hype. Without the media hype that surrounded *NSYNC they could never have come into power.


Simply put the chorus exists as the wrap up to the song, which they will repeat and repeat to oblivion. ‘Nuff said.

Do you ever wonder,
Why this music gets you high?
And takes you on a ride.

The "high" they are speaking of is that horrible pounding feeling in your head, the realization that you’re been duped and taken for a fool. The music has taken you on a "ride", a ride through the capitalist machine.

Feel it when your,
Body starts to rock,
And baby you can't stop,
The music's all you got.

You are now so angry that your body is shaking and you are about to have a seizure for following along. You can’t control your self, and you know it. The music may have given you a false sense of hope and comfort, but that’s all over with now.


The bridge of this song is basically just filler. It exists only to rub everything in the face of the consumer. The lyrics simple reestablish that *NSYNC realize that what they did was wrong, and that they feel no shame for it.

Dirty, dirty, dirty P.O.P.

The mouth drum solo given by Justin Timberlake is there to remind you that even though it seems real, it is fake. The beat box is heavily manipulated by ProTools and tricks you into believe that it came right out of Justin Timberlakes mouth, when in fact it didn’t. *NSYNC does not make real music, and neither does Justin’s mouth.

We shall over come!!!

Node the song, not the lyrics ::: Everything you just read is bullshit

No one can be told what 'to pop' means. Deft command of this versatile verb comes only with many patient hours spent watching 'design' shows on Home and Garden Television and TLC. Sit back, relax, and let the miracle of osmosis work its magic. Soon, your intelligence will diffuse through the TV screen-cum-semi-permeable membrane, to that area of reduced intelligence concentration - the brains of the so-called 'designers' on the other side of the glass - and in short order the lighting-quick intuition needed to conjugate 'pop' in any and every situation will be yours.

  • "we're going to paint this boring mahogany table fuschia, it should really make it pop"
  • "this lampshade really pops with these shitty beads stapled to it"
  • "the combination of peach, maroon, turquoise, emerald, canary, and charcoal doesn't seem to pop as much as we thought... better add some silver leaf"
Once you learn to let go of such naive and amateur concerns as "what the hell does pop mean?", or "can you please explain why I even want it to pop in the first place?", make your peace with the apparent inconsistent, contradictory, and generally indiscriminate usage of the word, and surrender to the tireless quest to make it pop, make all of it pop, make each and every thing you see pop! ...you will at last be ready to graduate to the other central verb of interior decorating:

to pull it all together

node your homework

Pop (?), n. [Of imitative origin. Cf. Poop.]


A small, sharp, quick explosive sound or report; as, to go off with a pop.



An unintoxicating beverage which expels the cork with a pop from the bottle containing it; as, ginger pop; lemon pop, etc.


3. Zool.

The European redwing.

[Prov. Eng.]

Pop corn. (a) Corn, or maize, of peculiar excellence for popping; especially, a kind the grains of which are small and compact. (b) Popped corn; which has been popped.


© Webster 1913.

Pop, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Popped (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Popping.]


To make a pop, or sharp, quick sound; as, the muskets popped away on all sides.


To enter, or issue forth, with a quick, sudden movement; to move from place to place suddenly; to dart; -- with in, out, upon, off, etc.

He that killed my king . . . Popp'd in between the election and my hopes. Shak.

A trick of popping up and down every moment. Swift.


To burst open with a pop, when heated over a fire; as, this corn pops well.


© Webster 1913.

Pop, v. t.


To thrust or push suddenly; to offer suddenly; to bring suddenly and unexpectedly to notice; as, to pop one's head in at the door.

He popped a paper into his hand. Milton.


To cause to pop; to cause to burst open by heat, as grains of Indian corn; as, to pop corn or chestnuts.

To pop off, to thrust away, or put off promptly; as, to pop one off with a denial. Locke. -- To pop the question, to make an offer of marriage to a lady. [Colloq.] Dickens.


© Webster 1913.

Pop (?), adv.

Like a pop; suddenly; unexpectedly.

"Pop goes his plate."

Beau. & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

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