Also known as the Loonie. Once mightier than the US sawbuck, the Loonie has, since the mid-70's, stayed within the range of 60-90 cents US, usually, around 75 cents.

The Loonie is a great coin for tabletop finger games like hockey and football, taking over from the former standard coin, the quarter.

The secret Canadian conspiracy to take over the world.

When the Canadian dollar is worth relatively less money than the American dollar--in American money--Canadian goods and services are cheaper internationally, and sell better than American stuff. This is the whole economic purpose these days.

Yet, the same people who push for international competitiveness, are the same ones who push for a high value Canadian dollar, which makes Canadian stuff cost more, and sell worse than American stuff.

Maybe, this is a conspiracy within a conspiracy: those Canadian oligarchs are really American, and want Canada to go broke--so it can be bought up, cheap, by the United States.

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