Often quoted by Christian Slater's character Clarence in True Romance.

Yes, it is used ironically by screenwriter Tarentino, for Clarence is not realizing the numbing power of love on would-be firebrands.

Clarence also often speaks with the ghost of Elvis, who did not leave behind a good-looking corpse.

The origin of this phrase (AFAIK) lies in the 1949 juvenile delinquent movie Knock on Any Door, starring Humphrey Bogart as Andrew Morton, the conscience-striken lawyer, and John Derek as Pretty Boy Romano, the young punk. As a thug in a street gang and eventually as a career criminal, Romano lived by the motto,

"I wanna live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse!"

While representing Romano during his murder trial, Morton decides that given the terrible conditions in the slums, it was inevitable that Romano would turn to a life of crime. "Knock on any door," Morton argues to the jury, "and you'll find another potential Pretty Boy Romano."

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