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A nollie is a trick done in skateboarding to get air. You place your front foot on the nose, back foot halfway back on the board, and pop the nose down, while sliding your back foot towards the tail. You then level out with the back foot, and stomp down to prevent board slippage.

Named for Natas Koupas, the inventor of the nollie. Nollie is short for Natas ollie, although many people will tell you it means nose ollie.

Despite anything anyone ever tells you a nollie is in no way a switch ollie. It is much harder and you must take precautions when using it. As Jikuu says, you pop the nose of your board. Normally, if you go to ollie an object, your nose comes up first and clears the object, then comes down first on the other side (the same for a switch ollie). With a nollie, your nose doesn't go up, so if you try to nollie an object like you ollie it, you will eat it when your nose smacks into it.

For a nollie you must start nollieing very early so that your nose clears the object. Similarly, if you nollie too early you wither won't clear it or you will eat it when your tail smacks into it.

Nollies are a relativly difficult trick to pick up, but once you have cracked them then they can be amazing. If you want to be able to nollie, you should at least be able to roll around very comfortably on your skateboard and pop a good solid ollie which does not 'rocket'.

- First roll along at a reasonable pace on a smooth surface so you don't get distracted by the bumps. Your feet should be setup in the ollie position. Now, move your back foot so it is just in front of the back bolts and your front foot so it is on the nose. The front foot should be angled outwards slightly and almost the whole ball of your foot should be on the nose. Leave a small gap between the end of the nose and your front foot.

- Crouch down and get ready to jump. Pop the nose down with your front foot whilst at the same time pushing it forewards slightly. Immediatly pull your front foot up to let the board get off the ground. The success of your nollie is all in the timing of this action.

- At the same time lift your back foot keeping the ankle bendy and drag the side of your shoe up and backwards towards the tail of the board. Use the back foot to level the board out in the air.

- From now on it should feel just like an ollie. Wait to get the maximum amount of height/distance you can from your nollie then push your feet back down onto the ground. Crouch to absorb the landing and ride away stoked.

- If you want to nollie up/over/down something the nollie needs to begin a little earlier than an ollie because of the height that needs to be gained and the fact that your popping surface is nearer the object.

All done!

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