Rodney Mullen is the hands down king of street, not to mention the inventor of almost every single modern day street trick (and he hasn't stopped yet). Mullen has been skating since the age of 10, and by 13 he went pro.

Mullen is a technical god, pulling off heelflip darkslides, 1 1/2 kickflip Kaspers, Kasper Slide to 360 Flip, Impossible to Kaspers (all of which he himself invented) plus many more.

Mullen invented the simplest tricks, from the kickflip,heelflip and 360 flip right up to the brain busting front-foot impossible. Mullen also invented the nollie, underflip (and nollie underflip), nose manual and the legendary handstand kicklip (doing a handstand on the board, in motion, flipping the board and doing a half summersault back onto the board).

If your doing any street trick, its a good chance its Mullen's. Mullen is my single favourite skater of all time. Mullen rides for A-Team.

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Rodney Mullen (real name, Johnny Rodney Mullen) is ahead of his time, all the time.

From 1980 until the last professional freestyle contest in 1991, he lost only once. Even though Rodney was the world champion and was obviously light years ahead of other skaters in technicality, as a youth, his father always severely disapproved of his "hobby." It became more than Rodney could handle and he ended up suffering a nervous breakdown.

He studied biomedical engineering at the University of Florida. But the stress he put on himself was more than he could handle. In the middle of the night in 1988, during his fourth year of college, he left for California and moved in with a fellow freestyler and friend, Steve Rocco. Together, they started World Industries, a controversial company that turned skateboarding on its head. Since then, Rodney has gone on to be a part of Plan B, the A-Team and, Globe, most recently, Enjoi.

He is also CEO of Dwindle Distribution, under which World, Blind, and a bunch of other companies take shelter.

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