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Kareem Campbell is the best young street skater around, and only second to Rodney Mullen out of all street skaters. Kareem skates switch almost as naturally as he skates regular, and pulls of insane grinds and flips.

Kareem has the Ghetto Bird, Hurricane, Nose Kasper and Nose Kasper Slide attributed to his name in the few years he has been skating.

One thing Kareem excels at is big gaps. One thing Mullen isn't too good at is big stair jumps, long rails and big drops. Where Kareem falls behind in the dust of Mullen's technicality, Kareem more than makes up for with his sheer big air skills.

Kareem rides for Alphanumeric but also has All City Skateboards, Swatch and Orion as other sponsors.

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