Danny Way invented almost every aspect of modern day Vert that Tony Hawk didn't. Danny has been skating since he was old enough to put two feet on a board. He even had his own skate park in his back yard. There he invented a range of hybrid street and vert tricks. Some of these tricks include the crooked grind, nosepick and disaster.

Danny Way has an uncanny skating talent. He can manual down and up a half pipe without breaking a sweat, he was the first to do the Chopper Drop (jumping from a helicopter into a full sized vert ramp), and has the highest ever recorded jump on a half pipe: 16ft.

Danny Way was one of the most influential skaters of all time, and although he is not heard of as much these days he still enters an odd competition or tries to break a record (he is currently pushing for the longest recorded jump ever).

Danny rides for DC shoes, his other sponsors are Alien Workshop, Independent Trucks, Circuit and XYZ Clothing.

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