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Brief Biography of Aeroplane

Born in Alaska, 1982, with twin sister. Moved to Bismarck, ND before lucid consciousness was reached. Moved to a farm in western North Dakota before kindergarten. Went to school for a while. Learned a lot. Played on swings. Ran a lot with some awesome people. Moved to Bismarck again before the end of high school. Ran a lot with some awesome people. Moved to Worcester, MA for college. Ran a lot with some awesome people. Shacked up with my girlfriend right after school. Moved to Connecticut for a job. That was September of 2004.

Right now, I'm trying to fight off student loans, pay the rent, and entertain and feed myself and my long-time lady friend.

Now using the E2 Annotation Tool. Feel free to make comments on nodes of mine for typos, and then alert me via /msg. Tools like this are awesomeness rolled into a convenient pouch, for easy consumption.

Noding Milestones: I don't really have any, until 12-19-04. Today my Merit is at:


Nodeshells that I have dibs on: Fanny Blankers-Koen, Lasse Viren, Wavy Gravy, and Lynne Cox (not technically a nodeshell, but damn. She's done so much she deserves at least 10 paragraphs). That's it, go to it, punk. Also, I'm basically noding every extreme race that I happen to hear about, apparently.


Aeroplane is a straight (but not narrow), male.

The username came about when I was in early highschool and just entering the internet world. I needed a name fast, and saw one of my dad's aviation magazines laying around. My name starts with an A, and so does airplane. Airplane sounds lame though. And a moniker is born.

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