My complaint about Mr. Thomas "rescdsk" Smith

I emphatically hope that the material I'm about to present will open some eyes and minds. Before I start, however, I should state that to understand what Mr. Thomas "rescdsk" Smith's particularly insensitive form of ethnocentrism has encompassed as a movement and as a system of rule, we have to look at its historical context and development as a form of fastidious politics that first arose in early twentieth-century Europe in response to rapid social upheaval, the devastation of World War I, and the Bolshevik Revolution. Although he has unfairly depicted me and those who share my beliefs as so-called experts and champions of deceit, lies, theft, plunder, and rapine, we are neither. Yes, Thomas's hatred knows no bounds, but I indeed contend that his outrage at complaints about him is indicative of his self-esteem and value system. My views, of course, are not the issue here. The issue is that his reason is not true reason. It does not seek the truth, but only officious answers, heinous resolutions to conflicts. Notice the chauvinistic tendency of Thomas's intimations.

Even by Thomas's own account, it's dirty for him to siphon off scarce international capital intended for underdeveloped countries. Or perhaps I should say, it's obscene. If the left of the current political spectrum is grotty paternalism, and the right is vitriolic dodgy tribalism, then Thomas's politics are sincerely going to be a form of repugnant exclusionism. Thomas has never tried to stop insipid desperados who keep essential documents hidden from the public until they become politically moot. In fact, quite the opposite is true: Thomas encourages that sort of behavior. His biases are a load of bunk. I use this delightfully pejorative term, "bunk" -- an alternative from the same page of my criminal-slang lexicon would serve just as well -- because he spouts the same bile in everything he writes, making only slight modifications to suit the issue at hand. The issue he's excited about this week is teetotalism, which says to me that Thomas ignores a breathtaking number of facts, most notably:

Fact: You and I undeniably have a lot more class than Thomas.

Fact: We must publicly distance ourselves from the worst sorts of sick mystics there are. Fact: Thomas can push me only so far and no farther.

In addition, if we let Thomas make today's oppressiveness look like grade-school work compared to what he has planned for the future, all we'll have to look forward to in the future is a public realm devoid of culture and a narrow and routinized professional life untouched by the highest creations of civilization.

Common sense and scientific evidence agree: Thomas's rantings are an icon for the deterioration of the city, for its slow slide into crime, malaise, and filth. There's one thing you can definitely say about Thomas: He has a sense of humor. He was being a real comedian when he told us that his accusations enhance performance standards, productivity, and competitiveness. You know what we'd have if everybody wanted to bamboozle people into believing that he has been robbed of all he does not possess? Total chaos. Now that you've read this letter, let me challenge you, the reader, not just to help me take the initiative to fight to the end for our ideas and ideals, but also to educate others about what I've written.

ta to Uberfetus...

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