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So there I was on an off day, at work (I have the misfortune to work on a dairy farm) taking pictures of old rusty things for my photography class. I wandered around to the rear of one of the open barns there and found a great mass of rusty stuff and began snapping pictures. I set up my tripod and plunked my krusty Nikon FM10 down on top of it. A cow is watching me slack jawed, making no noise. *Click*, I focused, metered, and took my first picture. I look up from my view finder an begin to re-foucus on the scene. The same cow has now moved closer towards me and the gate confining it to the barn yard. *Click*, I take another picture. An additional cow is now observing me, staring directly at me, chewing its cud. I take yet another picture, the two cows and yet another are leaning against the gate watching me. I take a few more pictures as more cows congregate.

Basicly, what I end up with is a common scene, with an increasing amount of cows. I guess it'll look funny on my contact sheet or something.

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