"Penalty Life" is the 11th album from the masterful J-Rock group The Pillows, released in Japan on November 6th, 2003 by King Records. The band has released eleven (going on twelve when Good Dreams comes out in November 2004) albums in fifteen years. Something almost unheard of in the modern rock world, even by the indiest of indie rock bands.

Their sound hasn't waned at all over eleven albums, and they continue to produce fantastic music. The first single, "Terminal Heaven's Rock" uses a thundering yet melodic guitar riff with their fantastic backup vocals to make it one of the album's finer tracks. "The Sun That Will Not Rise" contains some of their finest vocals yet, "Super Trampoline School Kid" is crazy swing-like craziness and they deliver another English-only song with the album's opener Dead Stock Paradise. Also, The Pillows, infamous for singing their songs in Japanese only until saying the name of the song in English and maybe another line or two in English have one of their oddest appearances of English yet when the phrase "Singin' in the rain" is used on "Lonesome Diamond."

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Dead Stock Paradise

2. Lonesome Diamond

3. Freebee Honey

4. Terminal Heaven's Rock

5. The Sun That Will Not Rise

6. Phantom Pain

7. I Know You

8. Moon Marguerite

9. Super Trampoline School Kid

10. Mole Town Prisoner

11. The Scar Whispers, Nobody Is In Paradise / Hidden Track

This album, like most albums from The Pillows can only be purchased online from obscure sites, and costs anywhere from twenty five to forty dollars, not including shipping and handling.

I want The Pillows to come to America.

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