Recently, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio voted on whether or not they wanted a Light Rail system as an alternative method of transportation. They overwhelmingly voted against it, and the fact that people will run over a proposition like this when all we hear about these days are rising gas prices, and global warming, smog, and crowded roadways.

I assume people would jump at the chance to avoid rush hour each day, and not have to pay for gas that everyone considers too expensive. This obviously is not the case. So I thought to myself, this light rail thing, it's such a great idea, and it's successful in Europe, and perhaps if you gave it to people, they would use it. Why choose to be stuck in rush hour traffic, and add to the already growing congestion problems?

Do some research and find companies that deal with that type of service industry. Ask them what their criteria would be for a city to be considerd a possible opportunity. Then, why not setup a web presence, with the main focus being the collection of signatures in support of light rail systems in all the major cities. You know, if you would support a light rail system being deployed in your city, and how would you react to having to pay for such a venture. (Probably in the form of tax increases or creation of a new tax)

Next develop a web layout that presents the information like it's some sort of contest. A good example is Then people can check the stats, and those that actually support the effort can get people to sign up. Hopefully they will make a contest out of it, but at the same time, rally support for light rail deployment. Just see this whole idea from the perspective of someone who hates to see fossil fuels depleted at an ever increasing rate, the effects of global warming increasing day by day, and a society that doesn't seem to have a strong desire to become more efficient in preparation for future generations.

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