Everybody knows (or at least knows of) skateboarding tricks. Well, the simple concept behind this often interesting and physically challenging extreme sport is to take skateboard tricks off the board.

Grind on the bench, do flips in your dismount, build speed to take off up the wall, do whatever you can think of. It's fun to do alone, but that's technically only practice for the real thing. Head to Head challenges are the only way to settle disputes over the best freestyle walker. Heat can run high in these intense competitions where walkers compete for fame and glory. So dust off those Airwalks, head on over to your local walk park, and make everyone eat your sneakers' dust.

Many people think its a joke, but freestyle walking is a real sport! Its wicked cool. While it does involve running and jumping and stuff most of the tricks involve grabs or grinds.
A grab is a jump where the person jumping (hereafter the jumper) grabs part of their body in mid-air (no, not like that). Grabs are typically combined with spins or are done over obstacles. If a person is really good they might even throw in a flip or handspring or some other gymnastic maneuver. For example, a friend of mine often tries to do a 180 kick grab overf picnic tables. He gets hurt alot.
The real challenge in freestyle walking however is grinding. There is a company, called Soap, that produces special sneakers with plastic plates on the bottom. By running and jumping onto a rail or ledge one can grind for a surprising distance. This is generally considered loads of fun.

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