Here are some Japanese expressions, their meanings and English translations.
Japanese expressions/idioms are also known as kotowaza.

/msg me if you find more that I do not have listed, or if anything needs to be corrected.
Japanese expressions about husbands, wives, and/or marriage:

Omae hyaku made washa kujuku made, tomo in shiraga no haeru made- "Till you're one hundred and I'm ninety-nine, together till our hair grows white" (Commonly used in wedding ceremonies)
Teishu kanpaku- "The husband is king of the castle"
Naijo no kou- "With the wife's help" (Behind every man there's a good woman)
Fuufu-genka wa inu mo kuwanai- "Not even dogs can tolerate marital fights" (Implies that everyone should avoid getting involved in these, since even dogs, who can tolerate anything, avoid them.)
Fuufu wa nise no chigiri- "Marriage is a vow for two worlds"
Fushou fuzui- "The husband leads, the wife follows" (In Japan, considered the secret to a happy marriage)
Nomi no fuufu- "Husband and wife fleas" (A couple in which the man is smaller than the woman)
Nitamono fuufu-"Like husband, like wife"
Warenabe ni tojibuta-"A lid to fit a cracked pot" (There's someone for everyone)
Yome to shuutome, inu to saru- "Bride and mother-in-law, monkey and dog" (Monkeys and dogs do not get along well in Japanese tradition)
Yome ni kojuuto oni senbiki- "To the bride, the sister in law is a thousand demons"
Yome no rusu wa shuutome no shougatsu-"The bride's absence is the mother-in-law's New Year's" (New Years Day is an extremely happy and festive time in Japan)
Yome wa shuutome ni niru- "The bride resembles the mother in law" (They may hate each other at first, but eventually, end up becoming like one another)
Yome wa nikui ga mago wa kawaii- "The bride is hateful, but the grandchild is sweet"

Recently, I have been collecting Japanese proverbs about money...

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